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Göta Provinsialloge

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Gothenburg Freemasons music and song scholarships - 2018

The music scholarships are intended for young music students who in the first instance have a connection with Gothenburg. This means that the applicant should have been born or raised in Gothenburg.

Other youth who are or have been registered for full-time study at Gothenburg University’s Music, Theatre or Opera Academies are also qualified to apply for the scholarships. Applicants, who are over 30 years of age, can only be considered as an exception or when consideration has been taken to previous especially time-consuming circumstances.

The scholarships should be used for qualified education within the western sphere of art music with a specialization in song, instrument, sacred music, composition or conducting. Scholarships will not be granted for instruments, tours, recordings or similar purposes.

Eligible for scholarships are students who are, or have been, registered at Master’s level in Göteborg University’s Academy of Music and Drama, or are studying in the final year of a Bachelor’s programme.
Scholarships will normally only be awarded to a single individual, but application can also be made by a group who together are qualified and who together are planning mutual study in ensembles, song or studies of similar character.

The total amount of the scholarships is approximately 250 000 SEK. Usually this sum is divided between 10-12 scholars who will be chosen during March – April. The scholarships will be officially presented in the beginning of September, but the scholarship amount will be awarded in May. One of the scholarships can be for a greater sum, should the Scholarship Committee find it appropriate. This scholarship is in the first instance a grant for longer periods of continuous study abroad.

A short written account of how the scholarship has been used must be submitted by the awardees no later than one year after the scholarship has been awarded. The scholar should be prepared to participate without any special remuneration at a church service, concert or other event that is organized within the Society of Freemasons in Gothenburg.

Applications are made in a dedicated web-form, which can be found here.

It should be completed no later than the 10th of February, 2018. The application must have attached copies of a certificate of domicile (personbevis from Skatteverket) and certificate of studies. These can be attached with the web-form or sent by regular mail, at the discretion of the applicant. Communication with chosen scholars will mainly take place through e-mail, why it is important that a correct e-mail address is included in the application.

Questions will be answered by the Barnhus-Direktionens musikstipendiekommitté at the above address or by phone to the committee's executive members Göran Holmstrand
+46 31 40 16 21 or Peter Larsson +46 70 910 46 05.

Gothenburg 15th of December 2017