His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf is the High Protector of the Swedish Order of Freemasons.

The current Grand Master is Anders Strömberg. The Grand Master is supported by the collective wisdom of the Grand Council, headed by the Pro Grand Master. 

Grand Master
M.W. Anders Strömberg

The Grand Council has the following members:

M.W. Nils Magnusson, Pro Grand Master
R.W. Göran Karlsson, Deputy Grand Master
R.W. Ingmar Börjesson, Grand Chancellor and Keeper of the Seal
V.W. Leif Norrgård, Grand Chaplain
V.W. Björn Börsby, Grand Inspector
V.W. Gunnar Adell, Grand Marshal
V.W. Christer Persson, The Skånska Provincial Grand Lodge
V.W. Sten-Olof Eriksson, The Mellersta Norrlands Provincial Grand Lodge
V.W. Herman Håkansson, Grand Architect
V.W. Peter Westrup, The Svea Provincial Grand Lodge
V.W. Peter Granstam, The Östgöta Provincial Grand Lodge
V.W. Göran Sjödell, The Göta Provincial Grand Lodge
V.W. Anders Fahlström, The Övre Norrlands Provincial Grand Lodge
V.W. Michael Boström, Grand Treasurer
V.W. Jan Mörtberg, Grand Instructor
V.W. Magnus Åkerman, Board of Planning
V.W. Rolf Prag, Grand Banner Bearer
V.W. Per Werner, Grand Administrator
V.W. Henrik Wikström, The Grand Chapter of Finland
V.W. Per Andersson, The Värmländska Provincial Grand Lodge

The Chancellery:
V.W. Ronny Schultz, Grand Secretary
W. Per G Olson, Deputy Grand Secretary Foreign Relations